We started in 2005 and throughout these years we have had presentations and participations in different countries and congresses such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology Congress (AAO), The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), Retina World Congress, Retina Pan American Congress, National Ophthalmology Congresses, among others. Latin American Congress of Aesthetics and Health, International Congresses of Aesthetic Medicine, World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, among others.


Implemented with modern infrastructure for medical and surgical treatments, we have the highest technology equipment to provide quality care and safe procedures to our clients.


The founders of Oftalmolaser are Dr. Carlos Fernández and Dr. Joana Bernedo, both highly specialized professionals and representatives of their specialties in different countries over the years.

Dr. Carlos Fernández
Ophthalmology Specialist

Dr. Joana Bernedo
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist


Oftalmolaser has participated at scientific events in different countries such as Brazil, the United States, Venezuela, Colombia, Germany, England, among others.

World Ophthalmology Congress 2006, Brasil

XVI Pan-American Congress of Retinal Surgical Ophthalmology, Lima

International Topcon Symposium Of New Frontiers On Digital Retina Images, Atlanta – USA

Angiography Course. Wills Eye Hospital, USA

XXIII Peruvian Congress of Ophthalmology, Peru

X Latin American Congress of Aesthetics and Health

IX International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine

VIII International Spa and Med Spa 2017

TERACILAD 2017 – Lima

Scientific Update ALLERGAN and Practical Workshop of Facial Anatomy 2017 – Colombia